M.E.A. Global promotes pastoral guidance, structure,
fellowship, and integrity in ministry.

Ministry Empowerment Association Global (M.E.A. Global)


Ministry is the backbone of our faith and M.E.A Global exists to establish and sustain authentic relationships in ministry. M.E.A. Global promotes pastoral guidance, structure, fellowship, and integrity in ministry. The go M.E.A. Gal oflobal is to provide support to Pastors, Churches, Ministers and Ministries, committed to the edification of the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry and extending the Kingdom of God in the earth realm. M.E.A. Global will provide Pastoral oversight, ministry resources and essential community to assist Pastors, Churches and Ministries in fulfilling the Great Commission – “Go and make disciples of men” Matthew 28:19.

Empowerment is the granting of legal authority to effect change and impact lives. M.E.A. Global is dedicated to empowering God’s leaders to effectively accomplish the purpose of God in their Church or Ministry. Each of us as God’s children has been given the authority to make a difference in the world around us. As leaders, that authority comes with great responsibility. M.E.A. Global understands that responsibility and desires to aide the leader in fully embracing that empowerment, not only to move in on the enemy’s ground, but to take it over.

M.E.A. Global is the Knitting together of God’s Army globally under the banner of unity, through prayer, networking and support. The church must be an informed and innovative Body of Believers who are willing to make an impact for a new breed of people, the “un-churched.” No one Pastor, Ministry, or Association has all the answers, but through genuine relationships and fellowship unity will be forged to accept and comply with the great Commission.


Ministry Empowerment Association Global is a non-denominational assembly of Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, Pastors, and Ministries that covet Pastoral Oversight, Covenant Relationship, Accountability, Ministerial Discipleship, Training and Fellowship among EQUALS. M.E.A. mission is to ensure Church/Ministry leaders are empowered with the proper training, instruction, and credentials through the development and distribution of resources and information.

M.E.A. Global assists Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, Pastors, and Ministries to:

  • Recognize the purpose that is unique to their specific community
  • Effectively impact their community through creative planning
  • Acquire a resource base of operation
  • Challenge and avoid complacency
  • Hold associates accountable for integrity of heart

“Improper instructions will result in ineffective ministry”

M.E.A. Global will challenge the compliance of excellence to advance the Kingdom of God.

At the heart of every believer should be the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples.  Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, Pastors, and Ministries have the responsibility to instruct, train and deploy the saints of God in the fulfillment of this commandment.  No one should occupy the office of Pastor or work in Ministry without understanding the call to reach out beyond the brick, mortar walls, and the foundation of their inner circle of church friends.  Yet, Pastors and Ministries also need under girding to reproduce without reinventing the process.


Ministry Empowerment Association Global was birth out of Pastor Levonzia Stevens’ desire to see Leaders of God properly prepared with correct guidance to build Ministries of excellence.  Pastor Stevens’ focus is for all Ministries (regardless of size or number) great or small to develop and operate in effective church organization and church administration.  Our goal is to assist any Pastor, Church or Ministry with the information, skills, methods, techniques and procedures that will be unique to their specific community needs.  Through careful planning and sharing of resources every purpose of any church can be successful!

As Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, Pastors, and Ministries we represent God.  If we operate in a manner that does not bring Glory to the Body of Christ we fail as ministers of the gospel.  This is where M.E.A. Global comes in with the experience to assist in the compliance of IRS and legal guidelines.  M.E.A. Global wants to be that helping hand as a Father to instruct, Mother to nurture, Friend to talk with, Counselor to give wisdom and Resource Center to provide a library of information.  The staff or M.E.A. Global is lined up with the vision of this ministry and will assist in every possible way to see that you are well supported in your calling of God.

Who should join M.E.A. Global?

  • All Leaders (denomination or non-denominational)
  • Churches (affiliated or non affiliation)
  • Ministries (dependent or independent)

Why should I join M.E.A. Global?

  • I need honest and sincere Fellowship
  • I want to reach my full empowering potential in ministry
  • I can learn from others through networking
  • I need an understanding of ministry
  • Our communities need teamwork for effective change
  • I desire administrative understanding to be effective in ministry
  • I need covering to ensure my accountability in ministry
  • I desire proper training and development

Why should I join M.E.A. Global?

M.E.A. Global is an association for all in ministry.  Whether you are the leader of a flock or an individual in ministry there is a place for you.

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Enclose two letters of recommendation (OPTIONAL)
    The recommendation letter should be from at a minimum, two clergy members who are familiar with you and your ministry.  The person recommending should have known you for one year.  The recommendation should vouch for you, your character and integrity in the conduct of your life and ministry.
  3. Complete church or ministry enclosed questionnaire (if applicable)
  4. Send a copy of your Statements of Faith (if applicable)
  5. Completion of a spousal support letter
  6. Complete a family questionnaire
  7. Submit a ministerial resume

A onetime membership fee of $100.00 is due upon submission of application.  Each applicant will be evaluated and a letter of decision will be forwarded to the respective applicant.