Is Tithing Really Important?

Is Tithing Really Important?

When it comes to blessings received through monetary means, are we as a people obliged or obligated to tithe – or give a percentage of our income to the church for the works of God? Well, it would depend on the state of your spirit and the immediate needs of your family to start with. Tithing isn’t a requirement, but in the Bible we read how it honors God and his provision as well as extending His kingdom and His love by blessing those who are less fortunate.

How much should I be giving?

Many people who tithe have a specific percentage that they give every week or month, but there is no set amount. If you are able to tithe any amount, no matter how small – it is the love behind it that will transform lives. The amount you give is between you and God, prayer may be the best answer when it comes to this question.

How giving impacts others

Giving monetarily is a direct way to help fulfill the needs of those less fortunate by purchasing basic necessities and food, providing shelter, and more. Although giving money, donations of goods and food does help; giving your time, your ear, your prayers, and your supports fulfills the heart with Gods love thru you, His vessel.

You can tithe through your church, by giving direct donations to individuals or organizations that support the rehabilitation of those in need. Give time to your church or any groups that you are a part of that serve your community. Also, if you are able to volunteer your time and money for a mission’s trip, it is sure to impact not only those you are serving, but your own heart.

Truly, when we are blessed by God, blessed with all we need, we must extend these blessings to others to show the love of Jesus Christ. To remind one another that we all deserve to have enough. And through the Lords’ bounty and grace, those of us with more can share the wealth