Church Mission Trip

Is a Mission Trip in Your Future?

If you are thinking about going on a mission trip there are many factors to consider. There is a financial commitment and there is a time commitment. If you have the finances and a job or a family that you can leave for weeks or months, this should ease the decision-making process. You should pray about this decision and God will lead you on the right path. It can be a truly humbling experience if that is where you are led.

There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before taking on this act of giving. There is specifically a lot of planning, preparation, financial investment, and self-reflection you will need to prepare for.

Why are you going?

Go to expand Gods’ Kingdom
This is probably the most important reason to go. It should not be about you, but about how you can be a conduit of Love and of Gods’ will.

Go to experience Gods’ love for all people, of all nations
In another way to connect with the Creator, we can maybe see others the way He does. As part of the same family, we all belong too. When we really get to know those different from us, we begin to understand them and can truly care and love them.

Go to be closer to Jesus
Going on missions can obviously connect you to Jesus, as missions were part of His way. Traveling to the world and all over to share the good news of the Gospel was how we came to know Him.

Be a blessing, and see how you’ve been blessed
Through these experiences, you yourself are supposed to be the blessing, giving yourself to those in need or desiring to know the Lord. But often, we receive a bounty of love, appreciation, engagement with, and understanding of a different culture. At times, these even develop into lasting friendships. Those are our blessings.

Is it the best way for you to serve at this time in life?
If you have a young and growing family, it may be a difficult time to commit. As well, there is a financial aspect to consider. It can be thousands of dollars just to travel, and if you will stay for weeks or months, that will be more expenses for you.

If you are able to go and have the desire to help and be a vessel of God to reach all those in your path, it is truly an amazing gift. But it is wise to consider the investment and sacrifice before moving forward. Whether it is through your church or other outreach organization, your sacrifice is a wonderful way to extend the Kingdom.