Breaking Bad Habits

How Can We Break Bad Habits?

Everyone you meet has something that they struggle with; a bad habit can direct your life on the most unwise paths. A habit can keep you comfortable, especially when you find community with others who embrace it. This makes it tough to change for the better. Also, trying to make positive changes on your own can be detrimental, as we may isolate ourselves and end up creating an unhealthy and lonely life. God didn’t create us to be alone; He created us to be in unity and help lift up our brothers and sisters with support on their journey.

Whether you struggle with habits that have become addictions, or just need help refocusing after months or years of a habit, you can break it. It can be smoking or drugs, issues with sugar/diet and overall health, negative self-talk, excessive shopping, high device or game usage, or just the way that we talk to others. These are a just a handful of examples, but whatever your struggle is, there is help.

Seek Help

Look for help from God first, through prayer and meditation and from those He has placed in your life. No one really wants to have to ask for help, but we all will at some point in our lives. Humbling ourselves in order to care for ourselves, brings us one step closer to God and putting our pride to the side. There are resources to help you in your community, church, or maybe even a neighbor. We just need to open the door to receiving.

Routine & Discipline

Make a commitment to change. If you really want this change to happen, you have to believe you can achieve it. Replace the undesired habit with a positive one; keep it in your daily meditations and visible in your daily life – what you want to achieve and your motivations to get there. Set yourself up for success and you have to trust in yourself and visualize the end results.


Just like you shouldn’t be alone in this, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in comprising situations with those who are not yet ready to commit to your new direction. While you can keep loving those who aren’t ready for change, surround yourself with those on a similar journey or who have been through it in the past. Ask them to hold you accountable, check on you, and catch you if you relapse or fall back into old ways. It also helps to have someone to celebrate with you as you succeed.

Stay Positive

It is easy to say that, but a positive mindset will keep you afloat, even with setbacks. When you combine your belief in yourself, your trust in God, and reliance on your community, you are sure to find a way to breakthrough this hindrance with time and patience.