Generosity Why Do We Hold Back - tithing plate with money

Generosity: Why Do We Hold Back?

When we think of our finances and how they line up with what we know from the Bible, we should give without expectation of return, be prudent in savings, and manage our lifestyle within our means. But instead, many of us walk in the opposite of these and often in reverse order. When generosity should come first and come our needs and wants within reason. Many of us carry debt so that we can give to others and overspend to fill a desired way of life – but that can’t be sustained. Why is it so hard to live a giving, loving life like Jesus? When we want to walk just like that, like Him.

Money is tight

Whether you have loads of credit card, student loan debt, or other; you prioritize staying out of collections, keeping the lights on, and food on the table. The last thing you want to do is tithe to the church, when that money is not really yours to give.

You may be in the situation of barely earning your room and board or more and maybe even have a family to support. When you’re in the lower scale of the income bracket, resources are strained even with creative solutions. Even when you want to give, it really does seem impossible

We don’t understand what the Bible tells us about how much or when to give

It can be hard to relate to the Bible in this day and age. The way culture and society has evolved, it’s no wonder that the text feels dated. When we don’t spend enough time studying the Word in its time, we are taking for granted the wisdom that we will surely find in time.

Is God really taking care of me?

We forget that without our creator, we would not even exist. So, how can we enjoy or take pride in any earthly pleasures without first thanking the One who gave us existence. We should trust that God will provide and not hoard or worry; that would only prove our distrust in Him.

What about trust in the entities receiving your tithes and donations

Unfortunately, it is a truth that some churches and organizations abuse their power and misuse funds that are tithes to them. This affects our trust in organizations and individuals as well.

For His will be done starts with letting go and giving to others – our time, our service, our finances and anything we can offer ahead of ourselves. When times are really strapped, creativity in giving is not a waste. In fact, it can be more impactful to thoughtfully give to just one person.