Keep Your Focus on God

College Years: Keep Your Focus on God

When I think about college years and how insanely busy and distracting it was, it’s hard to believe that you could keep your faith strong and vibrant. College can be a beautiful place, with different kinds of people and engaging in various activities and adventure. Amongst the beauty, is the hard work that we pay for in money, time, and energy. Once that energy and time is spent, what is left for our faith? It can be a challenging time for many, but there are ways to keep yourself engaged with God, while still pursuing a challenging degree and enduring social pressures.

Keep Him in your Busy Schedule

It may seem trite to say that you should pencil God in, but when we live in the world we do – we really have to consciously make an effort. Especially during these years where we are being pulled a thousand different directions with numerous temptations and excuses to abandon Jesus for something that will never satisfy us. Make time in the quiet to be with your own thoughts and the One who made you who you are.

Music and Passages for the Spirit

When I go through challenges, or when I feel distant from God, I can still find ways to connect to Him. Listening to positive worship music or reading words of Love from Psalms can be uplifting and remind me that He is always with me.

Write Down Your Prayers and Pray

When our young lives are tangled in busy schedules, homework and exams, social functions, new relationships, and work, it may be hard to sit and pray. There are so many thoughts, things, and people to remember, it can be overwhelming to talk to God. Sometimes writing down our thoughts can help us find our way back and even inspire a prayer that we desperately needed to get out.

Visible Verses

On your desk, your mirror, car dashboard, wherever you are sure to look, place a bible verse that inspires you, drives you, and connects you to the Spirit. Reading these daily can help us absorb the messages of Love in our everyday life and interactions.

Join A Campus Bible Study Group

Make it purposeful, who you surround yourself with; and find a group of supportive, spirituals people to spend time and invest in. If your school has a campus ministry, you should check it out. The community we connect with can challenge us, help us grow, and stay strong through difficult times – it is important to have this support especially when we are in a state of change and questioning everything.