Church participation

How Can I Participate With my Church?

Are you new to your church? Have you been going there awhile, but only go to weekly service? There is so much more to being a part of your church. To really be a part of the organization there is so much more you can be involved in. The church needs you. By not participating you can feel left out and isolated. Being a part of a church is extending your family and being a part of something that is bigger than everyone. Spiritual growth happens when you move from being a receiver to a reproducer.

There are many ways to participate more in the church. You don’t have to participate in everything, each of us is different, you need to find the right place for you within the church. If you start something and find it doesn’t suit you, that is ok, try something else until you find your home within the church.

Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Join a ministry, there are many different ministries within the church, look for one that matches the interests you have. If there isn’t one that speaks to you, ask the pastor about starting a new one.
  • Mentor a young person, many young people are in need of a good role model. Seek the help of your pastor to find a person in need.
  • Volunteer to teach a class, there are many classes at church for both adults and children, as the pastor about finding one that is suited to your abilities and interests.
  • Greet people, seek out visitors and strike up a conversation. Visitors are always looking for a welcoming face and looking to learn more about a new church.
  • See if there are people in the hospital that would like visitors.
  • Ask if the Sunday school or the nursery needs help or additional hands.

If you are unsure, ask the pastor or another member of the church some ways that you can lend a hand. Stop into the church office and see who can use a hand. They are always in need of volunteers for something. Don’t be afraid to just ask. There is a place for you in the church and your calling is there, you just have to seek it out.